Meet the Team

Tocano’s team consists of the following members:

Arnaud van der Veen – Founder/CEO
Venkatesh Chandrasekar – Founder/CTO
Peter van Gilst – Business Developer/COO
Mercedes Alcon Camas PhD – Sr. Researcher Laser Technology
Renzo van der Plas – Laser Process Engineer
Soufian Lemkaddem – Laser and Optics Engineer
Aboubakr el Mahdaoui – Optical Application Engineer
Zoya Zarafshani PhD – Sr. Researcher Chemist
Vanessa Valencia Gómez – Chemical Process Engineer
Sharmila Bisesar – Office Manager

Apart from this core-team, Tocano regularly has temporary positions for PHD- or Master-students, most often from Delft University of Technology.

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