Monochrome production printers

The monochrome production printer market (print-on-demand market) consists of cutsheet printers and continuous feed printers which are applied in end-user environments like Datacenters, Printing plants within large organizations, Book printer and Copy Shops.

The added value of Tocano’s inkless printing technology for the Monochrome production printer market is as follows:

  1. Costs of consumables eliminated. This can potentially lead to a lower price-per-print for the end-user and/or a higher margin for the service-supplier. The average cost reduction for the end-user is 39K per printer, which is around 40% of the total costs of ownership over the lifetime of a printer.
  2. The CO2-footprint for both the end-user as the cartridge supplier is reduced. The equipment supplier can deliver a more sustainable solution to his customer.
  3. No man hours need to be spent on change of consumables anymore. This saves costs as well.


modern office multifunction printer isolated on white background

Monochrome office & consumer printers

The monochrome mass market is the market of printers which are used in office and household environments. This ranges from simple single-function monochrome household printers to multifunctional monochrome tower printers and all monochrome printers in between. This market is best known by the average person, because these are the printers we find in our daily lives in the household and working environment.

The added value of Tocano’s inkless printing technology for the Monochrome mass printer market is as follows:

  1. Cost of consumables eliminated. This can potentially lead to a cost reduction of 90% of the total cost of ownership for the end user and an increased margin on the price-per-print for a potential printing service supplier. The potential added value for the equipment manufacturer is that he can gain significant extra market share by disrupting the market with a cartridge-less printer.
  2. CO2-footprint for both the end-user as the equipment supplier is reduced. Equipment supplier can deliver a more sustainable solution to his customer.
  3. Downtime of the printer due to unavailability of cartridges is eliminated.


Coding & Marking printers

When we take a closer look at the Coding & Marking market, Tocano’s printing solution fits best in the product line of laser marking solutions. However, Tocano’s laser printing technology provides advantages over existing laser marking machines.
Since Tocano’s inkless printing solution actually has an improved accuracy (smaller engraving depth) and better contrast, Tocano’s technology enables to print on thinner materials than existing laser marking printers without handing in on the readability of the printed content. By this, Tocano’s technology expands the application field of Laser marking solutions to substrates/materials which currently cannot be printed by a laser marker. And Tocano is able to do this, without the need of special coatings (like e.g. Datalase) or other consumables.

The advantages/added value of Tocano’s printing solution for the Coding & Marking market:

  1. Printing on thinner materials, due to higher accuracy and thereby lower engraving depth.
  2. Better contrast and readability
  3. High resolution printing of variable data (dot size 24 um)
  4. Machine readable code printing
  5. Good permanency of print, better than existing solutions in the market.
  6. Marking on big fields/areas possible.
  7. No need for consumables or special coatings on the substrate in order to print, which makes the solution easier applicable, more sustainable and less expensive.

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