Inkless® printing technology

TOCANO has developed the laser-based monochrome inkless® printing technology which enables to print on multiple substrates without any consumables or coatings. Especially for printing on paper objects (copy paper, cardboard etc.) the inkless technology forms a revolutionary new step in the history of printing technologies.

Printing without consumables (cartridges, toners, etc.) or coatings in general means:

  1. A significant reduction of the printing costs
  2. Less environmental impact because no cartridges need to be produced and thrown away anymore.
  3. No man-hours spent the change of cartridges and also no potential downtime, because inkless printing enables a continuous printing process without interruption.

Existing inkless technologies either require a special coated substrate to print on (e.g. receipt printers) or are simply not accurate enough to print on thin materials with a sufficient readable contrast.
Tocano developed and patented an inkless printing technology which has an improved accuracy and significant better contrast. This makes it possible to print without consumables on thin materials, without giving in on the readability of the printed content.